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Friday, April 2, 2010

Today Is Good Friday

Today is Good Friday - A day that represents the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ... Although Jesus was completely innocent of all sin, Jesus suffered the most horrible, disgraceful punishment known. But His agonizing death was not an ordinary death, for it was not the final chapter. Jesus turned this apparent defeat into the most glorious victory the world has ever known. At the Cross, He suffered for the sins of the world. Then after His resurrection from the dead three days later, Jesus empowered His disciples with a new message, the Good News that He had finally defeated the power of sin and death. Through the Cross, Jesus offers salvation to All who will believe in Him.

Today - I was thinking of when I was a little girl - I can remember my mom singing along to this song... On a hill faraway...


karen hopkins said...

thanks for sharing this post, friend.. I know it might date me, but I really , really liked Johnny Cash when I was younger.. Somethin' about his voice that I found intriguing.. anyway, blessings girl, on Resurrection weekend, and as you remember the Cross, remember how very much He loves you, and that He would do it all over again, if need be - just for you.. But good thing is, He never will have to be crucified again, because Victory has already been WON!!!

Terry said...

Howdy Kelly
Thank you for todays words .
What a wonderful post for it all took place on an Old Rugged Cross
But praise God it was not to end there .
He is risen !!!!!
Blessings to you and yours.
Thank you for your recent visit.
I have been having problems with blogger this week.
It seems google gave my domain name to someone else and I found myself locked out .
I knew it had to be a mistake but I must admit at first I was shaken a bit when I could not get into anyones blog.
I was truly blessed a google tech believed me and helped me to get back into blog land :)
I have so much to learn about computers .
Have a truly special weekend with your family.
Happy Good Friday Kelly .
Love and Hugs
God Bless you !
Until next time
Happy Trails

Karen said...

I loved this...never have seen this video before...precious hymn....

Tea With Tiffany said...

Have an amazing Easter weekend remembering our risen Lord.
Thanks for your friendship, Kelly. May God continue to bless your words here and beyond.


Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

We sang this song along the way of our ecumenical procession of the Cross throughout our town on Good Friday with many local faiths and churches gathered together, united in CHRIST!
May God bless your family and may He grant you the graces you need to renew your Love Dare vision for your marriage:)


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