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Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Want List

I want to be an approachable person..... I want to be the person that others feel comfortable with... I want to be seen in a positive light.. I want to be a beacon to others.. I want to be able to share my faith.... I want to love others unconditionally...
I want to always trust in God.... I want to be a prayer warrior.... I want my children to grow up to be followers of Christ... I want my husband to be proud of me... I want to go into the mission field.. I want to help in a shelter..... I want to see my kids have a happy life.... I want to be able to forgive completely... I want to feel comfortable being me.... I want to make a difference.... I want to not be shy.... I want to glorify God in all that I do....

What do you want?


darsden said...

I love your want list and hope it all comes true for you :-)

a corgi said...

I want as John the Baptist said "He must increase and I must decrease"; I want my life to glorify Him :)


From the Heart said...

Yes, a great list. I want my life to shine for Jesus and be the person He wants me to be and to draw closer to Him so that I can hear that still small voice that so many people talk about.

Shayla said...


Everything you mentioned is something I want as well *minus the shy part-i'm pretty extroverted as is*

I also want to know how to love those people that make life difficult and hectic for everyone/ the ones that hardest to love. I want to understand and love the way Jesus would have


Alaska-womom said...

it depends on the day. Sometimes my wish list is very noble, others it is selfish or comming from hurt (like I want my mom to go to A.A. so she won;t be so mean) the thing is I know God can take my wants and stride and give me what I NEED-
Today he gave me rain and a chance to have a relaxing day. He gave me the reminder that HE would never leave or abandon me-and even though I am all growed up I think that is just what I needed--and really what I wanted. BYW, I like your photo.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

What do I want? To seek Him and find Him in all things.

The bible tells us, that if we will seek Him with all of our heart, we will find Him.

He is my strength and my breath. He is my life.

~ Judy ~ said...

I hope you get ALL THAT YOU WANT Kelly!!! Great list!
There's an award for you on


Kelly, Your site finally pulled up for me. What a blessing it was to read your want list. I pray you are blessed with all your wants. Thank You for sharing. I hope to talk soon. Blessings, Audrey

Nancy said...

Wow! I love your list. I can say amen to almost all of them. I can't really do better than that.


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