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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My New Sister In Christ

I became friends with a wonderful lady about a year ago. She attends my Sunday school class regularly with her sweet husband. Now this lady is probably one of the most sweet and thoughtful people I have had the pleasure to know... She is the first one to give comfort when needed.... the first one to volunteer when needed.... She is the mother of two cute little girls.... She has the best shoe collection of anyone I have met - puts Carrie Bradshaw to shame... seriously... I only wish my feet were that tiny..

This loving beautiful person was fearful of accepting Christ as her Savior.. As I got to know her better - I learned that her life had been filled with a lot of tragedy.... abuse.... the supernatural.. and she was confused... I know several people would approach her and tell her she should be saved... I think it got to a point - where she was tired of people approaching her about her walk.... about her soul... about her salvation... and I think it might have pushed her away for a while...

I believe that the seeds had been planted.... and it was time for prayer..... I know there were many people praying for this incredible person..... A few weeks ago - God spoke to her.... she accepted God on her terms.. no one elses... she became a follower of Christ when she knew it with her heart and her mind, and her soul that is was the right thing for her to do.. No guilty pressures... Just her personal relationship with Him.... no one else.. and that is beautiful to me..

She told me on a Friday night at Bunco about her decision and that Sunday she was dunked..... My friend.... is now my sister in Christ......


Casey said...

Wow, what an amazing post! Praise the Lord that she accepted him and what a beautiful picture to see her taking the leap of faith! THank you for sharing this

RCUBEs said...

Awesome pictures of declaring your faith in no one but Jesus Christ. May the Lord protect her and guide her as she grows in His grace and knowledge.

God bless.

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Shayla said...




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