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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bermuda Shorts And A Tee Shirt..

Last Sunday I realized that I can be a church snob... I am so ashamed of myself .. Our church has been searching for a new worship leader.. After 30 years of leading worship - our guy has stepped down and is getting ready to retire... and we have had several potential candidates come.... all of them have been outstanding.... There's something about starting a Sunday service by lifting up your voice in praise to Him...

Last Sunday, we had a young man who was invited by our pastor to come lead worship - he was a junior in college.... At first glance - I had my Christian Nose up in the air (shame on me) - I did not like the clothes he was wearing.... he had on a pair of Bermuda shorts and a tee shirt... I'm thinking to myself - doesn't this kid know he's in church???

This young man starts off the service by leading us in prayer..... Then he starts to sing.. and his partner starts to harmonize with him..... tears start coming to my eyes... Nothing could sound any sweeter... any richer.... I was humbled.... The entire service - I was a big teary baby....

God taught me a huge lesson on Sunday - a lesson I will never forget.....


Constance said...

Just wanted to pop over from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf Blog and thank you for your kind words. We are once again in a tough season as a family but God remains faithful!

We go to a very laid back kind of church (Cross Timbers) so this post made me smile. We even have a Motorcycle Ministry (CT Cruisers) so it's not unusual to have bikers in their leathers at service. Their specific Ministry Outreach is to a local Orphanage celebrating Birthdays and mentoring kids.

Growing up in the Catholic Church, I have gone about as 180 as one can get when it comes to church! Across the street from our campus (we have 3 and our Senior Pastor does live satalite feed) is a traditional churc. The people get out of their cars all dressed in suits and such and then there's US! Ha Ha! I'm sure they had their reservations when we moved into the neighborhood! They were shocked when our church started giving them donations for their Homeless Ministry and helping them serve in feeding the homeless!

I am certain God smiles when He sees all of us getting along! I find myself with reverse snobbery sometimes looking at the well-dressed church goers across the street and wondering if they somehow think that THEY think they are better than us? Crazy isn't it?

From the Heart said...

Great post. Love the worship song.

a corgi said...

my hubby is leading worship tonight at our church's Celebrate Recovery program and he's doing this song (come, now is the time to worship). Such an awesome song!

I can understand how you feel about how the young man came in with shorts on, etc. Being in my early 50s, church when I was growing up was being all dressed up, dress, panty hose, heels for the women; suits for the men. I know over time dressing for church has become more casual (which I'm sooo grateful for) but I know I do like to see a certain decorum from the pastor and worship team. (not suits, but business casual perhaps). I know one of our worship leaders wears jeans with holes in them and I have caught myself wondering "is this the best you have" (so I too am a church snob).

this young man at your church sounds like a wonderful worship leader! I'm sure if it doesn't end up at your church, the Lord will guide your church for the "right fit" and this young man will find his "right fit" too


Zaida said...

LOL... I was taken back a little about the worship leaders attire. then I realized Adam and Eve were always naked in God's presence, only when they sinned they tried to cover themselves.

God looks at the heart. We all can be a little judgmental at times.

Thanks for the reminder.

Kathy C. said...

Kelly, that was a beautiful post. ;)


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