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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sometimes We All Are Careless

As a woman of faith - I try to love others... I try to forgive others.... and I try not to get angry with others.... As a human and a mother - I find that doing all that is very hard at times.... sometimes impossible in my mind... especially if it's about my children..

I truly believe that my children need to learn how to speak the truth... stand up for what's right... lead by example... love each other... and fight their own battles to a degree... What I mean by "fight their own battles" is that - when my kids have a disagreement with their peers- they need to work it out among themselves... in a non-violent way... I don't need to get involved and I won't unless something horrible occurs or is about occur... If my child is having issues with a teacher - I believe she needs to try to communicate with the teacher. Many times, it is only non-communication issue that causes my kids to be upset and when the understanding is clear then all is right with the world.... Basically our kids need to learn how to communicate in order to grow and become the person God intended...

Sometimes - our kids get hurt and just have to deal with it.... especially if it's a loved one hurting them. There are days in our lives that are special to us... birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and many other personal achievements.... as a young child - not being recognized on their special day hurts... and as a parent - my first reaction is to call that person and say "hey, today's my kid's birthday.... would be really nice to get a phone call, an email, a card in the mail, a note on Facebook.... something letting her know that today she is special...."

Sometimes - loved ones are careless... sometimes I am careless.... sometimes we all are careless.. but the sad thing is - the pain is the same.... a person is feeling unloved... a person feels hurt...

Today - I know I am so far from perfect....because I am really angry... I do know that God understands my anger and He loves me anyway.. I also know that with Him - I will forgive and I will let go of my anger.... but today as a mom and an imperfect woman of faith..... I am hurting on my kid's behalf....


christy rose said...

You are right! Sometimes, we are all careless. It shows our inability to act like Jesus without leaning on Him to empower us to care like He does. I am so glad that He is the only one that really matters. But that is hard to remember sometimes. i know!

Zaida said...

Sorry to hear about that! I failed as a women of faith this weekend. Saturday was not a good day :(
But we have a loving Father and His mercies are new every morning. PTL for that.

Love you!!!!!!!!! and looking forward to the weekend with you and the rest of the team.

Shayla said...

I think it is SO awesome that you are teaching your children what communication is! I work at a school and it is so hard bc kids get hurt, or don't understand something- they tell their parents, their parents yell at us, then we get annoyed with the kid for not Telling US FIRST!!!

Please keep encouraging independence with communication!

I am so sorry that you feel angry and hurt today :(

Is that your daughter in the picture? She is beautiful (and the doggie is cute too hehe)

Hang in there Sista I know you can make it through!!!

Alaska-womom said...

I love that you are so transparent.
Thanks for that.
With my girlfriends who live near we often celebrate birthdays as a group because we are so busy as women we get tired of birthdays to tell the truth. For the kids though, I feel your pain and anger and I often fall short often. The most importaint lesson for the kids is to learn to try and be thoughtful of birthdays and to forgive.
I just know that by the time you read this you will be feeling better because that is the kind of person you are.

Warren Baldwin said...

"when my kids have a disagreement with their peers- they need to work it out among themselves... in a non-violent way... I don't need to get involved and I won't unless something horrible occurs or is about occur"

My wife and I agree with you! We have seen parents get so involved in their children's squabbles with other kids in the neighborhood or school that they actually argued and verbally accosted 5th grade kids. They never developed emotionally past that age, even though they are not in their 30s and 40s. They are teaching their children that mom and dad will resolve all their conflicts, even when they are in the wrong. They are also stunting them emotionally and spiritually.

We agree with your approach.



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