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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Butterfly Kisses From Daddy

My husband sometimes has to travel for days at a time... my youngest Kara used to get very upset when he would leave... She is a Daddy's girl and I am sure Dusty just loves that... A couple of years ago he went on a trip... he left her a present for her to find in the morning.. It was a book based on the song "Butterfly Kisses" and in the book was a CD of the song... she would play that song over and over again - because it was her and Daddy's song....
Well today we were driving home from dropping off her friend and Butterfly Kisses started playing on the radio.. I heard Kara sigh in the back and say "God knew I needed to here that song cuz Daddy isn't home tonight." wow.. I almost started to cry....
I thank God everyday for blessing me with my daughters...


Alaska-womom said...

How do you manage to find my favorites? I love that song, I wished they made one for little boys too because it would be perfect for my guy when his daddy is gone. Children do need their fathers AND their mothers.
I love reading your blog.
Blessings and Love,

From the Heart said...

I really like that song also.
Thanks for sharing,

christy rose said...

Ok This just made me cry. I could just imagine your little girl and her expression as she said, "God knew I needed to hear that song..." My girls love that song too. They love their daddy so much too. This was so sweet.

Terry said...

Sigh ,
thank you for sharing this special moment .
I needed the moment:)
Blessings with hugs


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