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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Open The Eyes Of My Heart, Lord

Sometimes I find myself too busy in my life to look at the good that surrounds me. I get too caught up in my job, being a mom, a wife or, what's on TV. I get too busy for God and I forget about Him.... Forget how better my life is when I glorify Him. Forget how peaceful I am when I glorify Him... Forget how patient and tolerant I am when I glorify Him... Sometimes I just need to open the eyes of my heart and stop forgetting....because when I remember - I am shining in the light of His Glory and what a wonderful place to be...


Casey said...

I have to say I often forget also. I too get wrapped up in my other jobs that I forget my main calling in life is a steward of God. When I take time for him I do notice a wonderful difference and peace in my life

Alaska-womom said...

I LOVE this song.
Come visit me when you get a chance-I wrote a little blurb about you.
I hope that is OK.

christy rose said...

I hear you loud and clear. I love this song too.


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