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Monday, May 18, 2009

In All That You Do... Glorify God

This video gets me everytime I watch it. It reminds me of the trials that I have had in my life and it shows that God's glory will shine. Facing the Giants is a movie about a football coach who has been coaching a losing team. A team that does not give their all for the sport or to God. There are many obstacles that the coach has to over come.. A team that does't have heart, parents that are placing all the blame on him, bills that have to be paid, and infertility. He was in bad shape until he gave it to God.. until He realized that in good and bad - give glory to God. To always give your ALL to God and God will bless you.
The coach came up with a new game plan and challenged the football players to give their ALL in all that they do... The transformation is something that is awesome to watch unfold. Everything just seems to come together... there is a scene in the movie that just makes me ball like a baby.... if you seen the movie - you'll probably know the part.... well one of them - there's actually two scenes.. If you haven't seen the movie then rent it, buy it, or borrow it. Watch it with you family and enjoy..

I Peter 4:11 That God in ALL things might be glorified!


christy rose said...

I absolutely loved this movie and cried several times. Especially the part where the coach's wife tells God "I will still love you" ............

I balled.

From the Heart said...

I've never seen the movie but it sounds awesome. When we give our all to God and then give Him the glory, it's amazing what we can do and what HE will do.

Saleslady371 said...

Thanks for reminding me what a great message of faith this movie is. I saw last month for the first time and will watch it again.

Toia said...

Facing the Giants is one of my favorite inspirational movies. You can't help but cry everytime you watch it.

Thanks for sharing!! Have a bless evening!!


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