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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Expecting The Worst In People

Tonight I received an email from a borrower who's mortgage loan I just closed. He received a really great loan rate and saved over $575 on his monthly payment. When I first started working with him, I sent over his loan application for him to sign... He immediately sent me back an email accusing me of lying to him and that the payment I quoted him was not the payment on his loan application.. Well, he neglected to realize that the mortgage payment was exactly what I quoted him and he was adding his taxes and insurance that he already pays into the payment... He jumped to the conclusion that I was cheating him... After I explained in detail - he realized his mistake and all was well.
Well in tonight's email he is once again accusing me of fraud and not following through on my promises... The guy once again jumped to the wrong conclusion and I will be happy to clear this up for him tomorrow.. What is really bothering me is that he automatically assumes that I am cheating him... Here is a quote from the email I received tonight - "If the problems can't be resolved reasonably soon, I intend to report everyone involved to the appropriate Federal and State authorities. As a lawyer and former official with HUD in Washington, I have no intention of allowing what seems to be a clear case of fiscal/accounting chicanery go unnoticed" In this borrower's case he just doesn't understand that a mortgage accrues interest in arrears and when he makes his May payment he is actually paying for the month of April.... no biggie - I can clear it up for him.. I just hate the fact that he assumes the worst.. in me and my staff.. To further impress or intimidate me, he has stated that he was an official with HUD.. If that were true, he would understand the loan process....I am telling myself that I have to let it go.. don't point fingers... show the other cheek..
When I think about what happened tonight, I realize that as humans we often jump to the wrong conclusions about people. We often assume that the person that we are dealing with is not being truthful or is trying to "get something" from us. We know that we are being truthful and honest but we don't believe others why do we expect people to trust us when we are not trusting?
Tonight, I am praying for patience and forgiveness for this borrower.. Praying that God will give me the right words to say that will glorify Him. I know it is hard to show grace when you are being accused of something you have not done.. and as Followers of Christ we need to just do grace... forgiveness.. and respect... and Not assume the worst in people..


Saleslady371 said...

Dear Kelly,
Is this the same guy who purchased a home from us and you're doing the loan???? LOL!

My dear, I wish I could be with you right now and give you a warm hug. I so know how it feels to be accused by a client. It is something I never get use to, but that God uses in me to show the love of Jesus. I've got your back today that this wild man will calm down and see God's Spirit in you.


christy rose said...

Kelly, Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying Hi with such a sweet comment.

I completely understand where you are at in this process of your kind of work. My husband is in the same field. He does mortgage loans and He said that the only thing that He does not like about his job is that fact that people assume that he is always trying to get something past them to rip them off. It is sad that people have to feel this way. But I guess it is because of the society that we live in today. And the people who are the most afraid they are going to be cheated are the ones that would usually cheat if they had half a chance. I guess that is why we are supposed to be the light in this dark world so they can see that those of us who reign in the kingdom of God amongst all the darkness give this world hope.

Praying that God gives you strength today!

Alaska-womom said...

That is sad. I have run in to a bit of that in my life, especially with my son who is autistic-it is so frustrating. There are times you just have to pray, your best, smile and focus on the people in your life who are reasonable. Hang in there.

From the Heart said...

I have just prayed for you that this man will see the love of God through you.

Dave Scriven said...

People can act crazy during times of high stress. Perhaps he will apologize once you have explained the situation. Customers are not always easy, are they? Good post.

Kelly's Ideas said...

You are right - after everything was explained , a few days later I received an email from him - he thanked me for excellent service and said he would recommend me to others - I believe that was his way of apologizing - which I was very thankful for...


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