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Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Flood

There once was a man who loved God..
He would pray and pray each and every day.
One day a huge flood came roaring through his neighborhood..
The waters started to rise.
He prayed to God to save him..
The waters rose even higher and still the man prayed
The man climbed to the roof of his house and
He prayed.
As he was sitting on the roof and praying
A man came by on a boat.. "Come jump on my boat and I will save you," he said
and the man said "no, God will save me"
So the man continued to sit on his roof and pray..
Later a man on a canoe rows by, "Come jump on my canoe and I will save you," he said.
and the man said, "no, God will save me"
so the man waited and prayed and waited some more
All of a sudden a helicopter is hovering above the man's house
"Grab the line and I will save you," yelled the pilot..
"Oh, no the man says..God will save me"
The waters rose and rose and the man drowned.
The man arrives in Heaven... and is standing before God.
"Father, I prayed for you to save me and you did not." said the man
And God said," Dear Son, who do you think was in the boat, the canoe, and the Helicopter?"

God always answers our prayers.....but are we always listening?

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