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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pregnancy Crisis Center Under Attack....

Last year my husband took my eldest to a father/daughter dance. This was a special time for both of them. They were able to spend some "grown up" time together and make some great memories. Horizon Pregnancy Center was the sponsor of this night out. They were raising money for an ultrasound for their center and the medical personnel to operate it. In the past year, I have come to learn a great deal about this center.

Horizon Pregnancy Center is a place that women can go to when they are in a crisis pregnancy and they can get a free pregnancy test... It's a place a woman can go to hear about alternatives to abortion... It's a place where women who have had abortions can go to help the healing process... I personally know an incredible woman who has gone through this process - after aborting her child over 20 years ago - there is pain that needs to be forgiven by oneself.... I also personally know women who have aborted 10/15/20/25 years ago and the pain is real - especially when they look at the children they did give birth too..... It's a place that teaches parenting.... A place that shows love and concern for the birth mom and the baby... A place that helps to give baby supplies.

Today - I heard that the Feminist Majority Association has come to this center to protest. They believe that the Horizon Pregnancy Center is misleading because they call an abortion what it is... an abortion. HPC does not use scare tactics... HPC does not lie or mislead. They don't tell women they are not pregnant when they are so that they can delay the pregnancy.... The HPC respects the rights of the mother and they believe like I do - that a pregnancy is a baby and not tissue (Planned Parenthood's term) that needs to removed... But one thing must be understood -HPC discusses alternatives to abortion and they discuss it with honesty.. without judgment.... without anger.. and if the mother does choose to abort - HPC is there if the mother chooses to come back for loving support..... Please explain to me - "What is wrong with that?"

The Feminist Majority Association is misleading in their accusations.. They accuse ALL pregnancy crisis centers as liars..... deceivers... over the top religious.... Basically, The Feminist Majority Association is a group of women and men that believe a woman should abort their child when it's not convenient... They believe it's okay to take a life.. and they are angry that everyone does not agree with them... They are angry that others are questioning their right to kill... Their right to call a baby a piece of tissue...

What do you think? Government should fund an abortion... But not Pro-Life Centers?

Our Reality: A Look at Crisis Pregnancy Centers from RH Reality Check on Vimeo.

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Denise said...

How is your sister...... I came by a bit late and wanted to let you know that I pray that the Father God touches her life.

I will come back tomorrow to hear the good report.....


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