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Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Christmas List

I was driving in the car yesterday running errands and I turned the radio on and out came Christmas music! It's not Thanksgiving yet but somehow we are already in the "Holiday Season" Don't get me wrong - I love Christmas music - I love celebrating Jesus' Birthday.. I do not love the "retail" side - I do not believe the Christmas music is on the radio today because of birth of Christ but to make people get antsy to shop..... Christmas music gets us in the mood - I can vouch for that I just spent a truck load of money at Best Buy..

Today my kids gave me their Christmas want lists... they want everything from a IPod touch to IPod docks to skinny jeans to make up and the lists go on and on and on.... It amazes me how the radio and TV can help create our want lists... I know that I am a victim, my kids are victims, and I am sure most of you are victims... So I was in my car thinking about "our" want lists and the song - My grown up Christmas List came on... and I had to smile...

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