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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pushing Down Roadblocks

Today I received the following prayer request:

"Here is a urgent request for you prayer warriors out there. A Missionary family we know that is serving in Africa has asked for prayer from their friends and partners around the world. They have three children who have contracted malaria. Two of them are responding to the recommended treatment and protocol and are doing better. The third child, a son is not responding to the protocol and it is been over four days. Pray for God's healing for this son and for all the family to regain health quickly.Thank you for your diligent prayers in their behalf."

In my Church we are gathering a group of women to go to West Africa next Spring. Our plan is to create a Vacation Bible School for children in a small village..... We are just beginning the planning stages.. One of the leaders that is critical to the planning of this missions trip shared with our group just recently her strong fear of malaria..... One of the reasons she had never gone to West Africa... is because of the possibility of malaria. She has been to Lebanon, Jordan, and many other "hot" zones and felt no fear.... But West Africa - major fear... A month ago she decided to try to overcome her fear and trust God and go to West Africa..

Satan knows our fears.....and is continuously trying to set up Road Blocks to prevent us to from following God's word, helping us to share God's word, and many times just being happy in God's word... Take my friend for instance and her fear of malaria... and suddenly a family she is close with contracts this awful illness....... Getting out of our comfort zone is so tough when these road blocks keep popping up... With prayer and God on our side...Satan does not have much of a chance.... but God never promised things would be easy.... if anything He is constantly preparing us for the trials and sacrifices we need to make in His name...

I have another friend who was in the missions field with her husband and young son in the Ukraine....she was starting to learn the language and the culture....she and her young family started to make a difference in the town they were in and all of a sudden BAM they are sent home.... Satan does this.... again those nasty ugly roadblocks.... when good is being done... he sets out to tear it down..

We as Christians need to jump over, push down, and walk around these roadblocks... We need not be discouraged because if there are roadblocks coming up... we are making a difference.. God is being seen, felt, and heard.....

Would you please join me in praying for this family in Africa. Pray for God's healing hands.. pray for all the children to be well and cured... Pray that no one else gets sick.. Thank you.

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From the Heart said...

I will be glad to add the prayer request to my list.
We have a couple in Tanzania (SP) who have helped build schools, churchs and right now getting nets to put over the people, especially the children, to help keep down the malaria which they are seeing a lot of.
Bless you and thanks for sharing,


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