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Friday, May 22, 2009

Lasting Impressions.....

Today I received a text message from a friend... it reads as follows "I loved ur message and I cried... get ur testimony ready..." I would have texted her back if I knew how to on my silly phone but I called and left her a message..... "What are you talking about?"
In all honesty, I have no idea what she was referring too... One of my three blogs? An email I may have sent her a while back...? A post I left on her blog? no idea, really....but it made me think of a story another friend told me not too long ago.
In one of my woman's group studies, we were talking about how each of us came to know the Lord.. My friend, Christine said that when she was a little girl her parents did not attend church. Her father left her and her mother when she was a baby and there wasn't much joy in her life.. One day a neighborhood boy asked her if she wanted to go to his church for Vacation Bible School.... It was summer time and days became long and boring - Christine readily accepted... Every morning this little boy, a few other neighborhood kids, and a parent would take the group to VBS... Christine fell in love with Jesus that week and accepted Him as her Savior... since she enjoyed church so much, her mother started to come too... Very soon her mother also came to the Lord... and shortly after, her mom met her future dad and her mom's future husband who later adopted Christine and gave her two half sisters.... Christine said the funny part of the story is she does not remember the little boy's name, or the other kids, or the mother for that matter... she just knows that this little boy was the instrument to bringing her to Jesus... Christine said, "I bet that boy doesn't even know how he changed my life, my mom's life, and my family's life...."
This story reminded me that we can leave lasting impressions on people.. good or bad and not know it... and regarding the text from my friend... I have no idea..... she might have texted me by mistake......


Alaska-womom said...

Really, a nice post. Good food for thought. It is a good thing if we can try and remember the lasting positive impressions we come across on our journeys. I have had a few terribly negaive impressions of Christians, it is something I struggle to overcome and not replicate when I meet new people.

Kelly's Ideas said...


I know what you mean... I think you and I are going to have some major true story telling one day and I look forward to it..


Alaska-womom said...

I THINK SO! Lots to tell.
BTW, just so you know-when you stop by to visit me-don't be too shocked. I write for the non Christian in particular. I hope to, every now and again mention my Boss. I like to think of it as trolling-it is not nesessarly my job to bring them in the boat.
Hugs Back at you-

jerriann said...

hey girl, I like this site. Very impressive. I have been feeling the tug to share more of my walk with Christ on my blog. There seems so much to do with my photography and life on the reanch that I find little time to go deep. The idea of two blogs has crossed my mind but I am not sure I could keep up with more than one, how do you do it?

Mom's Fortress of Solitude said...

Ok, so third times a charm, right? I'm following you here, too. I love your style, and hang on every word you have to say.

Keep up the great work, Mama! You've definitely made a positive lasting impression on me. The thing that makes it even better is that you weren't even trying to. ;o)



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