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Monday, April 20, 2009

My Language Of Love

I took a quiz today... The Five Languages of Love... Don't laugh...I took the quiz on FaceBook... But the results are so true about myself.. I thought my love language would be acts of service but no it is words... When I read the is me. Here is what it said...

You are a person of words. This means you are most touched when people tell you 'I love you', or when you read a poem. Even a song can make you emotional. Talking is your emotional tool and you will therefore also use this to connect to other people. Words are a great way of communicating, but when someone else you love doesn't necessarily talk the way you do, it doesn't mean they don't love you. What would be their primary love language? Too many words may have their downside, too. Some people may assume that if you talk a lot, you talk more than you do. You may also have been terribly hurt by what people have said, more than what they did. One last point to mention is that God also communicates in your love language. He uses words, too. He says in the Bible that He loves you, that you are the apple of His eye, and that He wants you to come to Him and talk to Him. He loves you and gave Jesus (God Himself in human form) to bridge the gap caused by the fall of sin through which we cannot fully obey the law He gave us. He made the solution through Jesus, and when accepting Him, you'll accept God Himself, Who loves you, and wants to communicate with you..

Well this explains all my late night, early morning, and middle of the day conversations I have with God.. and He likes it!!! Now if I can get my husband to talk....I'm thinking his (Dusty's) love language is acts of service.. I'll let you know.....


From the Heart said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. My friend was 80 yrs old so she had earned her reward. Her husband said that if it was God's timing then she would like to just go to sleep and never wake up and God honored that prayer.

I read your post on talking. I'm by myself most of the day so when I'm around someone or when my husband comes home I tend to talk too much. Well, I have to get my words for the day in somehow. I talk with God during the day also.

I saw that you had an ad for eHarlequin. I get the Love Inspired Books from Steeple Hill through them. They are the best inspirational fiction I've ever read. I keep a lot of them but I also send my friend in Alabama some of the books quiet often. She has health problems and likes to read. We have been friends for a very long time. I live too far away from where she lives to help her but this is one thing I can do.

Mikes@Your Daily Word said...

LOL! I like quizzes from facebook. this on'es cute. I agree God had tried to communicate his Love to us in so many ways for a long time now. Have you heard of love in different language song? That was nice too. but praise the lord, no matter what language we understand because of Christ! Great post!

Your Daily Word

Shanda said...

Keep pursuing your husband's love language! Maybe you could get him to take the quiz? (maybe!) I have found if I read those kinds of things to my husband and let him just easily and verbally answer (no writing down; keeping track stuff.)He will do them.

My primary love language is words too...


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