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Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Confidential Prayer Request..

In my Sunday school class a couple of weeks ago we talked about someone having a confidential prayer request. Praying for someone but not knowing what we are praying for... At first, I thought it sounded a little strange..I think that was my immaturity peaking out..but then I thought about it. There are so many things in our lives that we don't want to share with the open world... Not that it's bad so much but we do have our privacy.....The power of the praying Christian is powerful...if we pray for a confidential is heard...God knows what is on the person's heart...
There is this pastor who lives in Atlanta... Each week he would go to his prayer warriors and they would pray for the needs of their congregation.. Pray for healing, a new job, a person coming to faith, and many other prayers...even confidential prayers in the church family.... During these prayer meetings he would ask his team to pray for his confidential need... They would pray together..not knowing what the Pastor needed. Every week the same thing...pray for others and then they would pray for the Pastor's needs..months went by...years went by....
One Sunday, the Pastor stood before his congregation and announced that he was getting married the following summer.. He also shared that every day he prayed that God would lead him to a woman that could become his wife to share his love and life with. He did not want to declare out in the open he was looking for a wife..he was afraid of all the well meaning parishioners introducing him to too many women.. He wanted God to lead him... So every week during the prayer meetings this was his confidential prayer request.
On a side note, the pastor had been happily married for forty years. His wife had passed away several years before...and he wanted to love again...and God answered his confidential prayer...


Casey said...

wow, that is amazing! Any prayer, even if it is not specific gets heard and answered. This is just a great reminder! Thanks for sharing

Judy said...

What a lovely story! Thanks for sharing that...we use this kind of prayer very often...we call it "special intentions"...and you are so right...PRAYER IS POWERFUL...we need not even know for what we are praying...for the Heavenly Father knows and answers in His most perfect way! AMEN!

Judy said...

Hi Kelly...sorry for leaving an "off-topic" comment here...but I don't see an email link in your profile....just wanted to share that I tracked down the author of that beautiful poem I borrowed from your blog about being a is copyrighted from 1988 and written by Carol Wimmer...just thought you'd like to know!

Crystal Velvet Weddings said...

Isn't it wonderful to pray for God to meet someone at their "point of need". It's also wonderful to be able to ask for prayer without needing to explain what it's for.
Sometimes you just sense that someone has an issue. You don't know what, but you can still pray for them and God knows exactly what the problem is.

Meg said...

Love your blog! God does answer prayers, even the unspoken ones! Amazing Grace!

Lighthouse Prayer Line said...

Hi Kelly,

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His Honeybee said...

I love that story!!! Excellent food for thought, indeed! Thanks for visiting my blog. Your comment blessed my socks off. I'm glad it feels like home. You come on over and visit, ANYTIME. You're always welcome. :D

Shanda said...

I used to get frustrated when people would tell me they had a "confidential" prayer request or an "unspoken" as they are sometimes called. I wished that they would feel comfortable just sharing; but God has revealed to me that it's not about me. It is about Him meeting their needs...and He already knows what their needs are.

Great post!


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