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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Friend Sandy

I have a friend named Sandy. I see her at Church every Sunday and she is very active in our Church's outside activities. Two of her younger children play in our Upward Basketball program, they go to our Church's school, and she is always involved in Vacation Bible School and our Annual Harvest Festival. She is a Godly woman, who has an enormous heart for the Lord and for everyone around her. She is also very sad... Many things in her life are not good right now. Both she and her husband have lost their jobs and are having a hard time finding employment. Her eldest child has had many runs ins with the law and it has broken Sandy's heart... In many ways Sandy feels alone. Her husband David refuses to come to Church with her because he believes organized religions are after his ten percent and many people are hypocrites. Sandy does believe that David believes in God, he just won't accept God. I know Sandy spends many days and nights praying for David's salvation and many of us , her friends have also been praying. It is difficult to live with someone who you love with all your heart...but does not share your faith...or your gift of salvation.
God's word does give us hope... 1 Peter 3:1-2 Wives, in the same way be submissive to your husbands so that, if any of them do not believe the word, they may be won over without words by the behavior of their wives, when they see the purity and reverence of your lives. I think the word submit brings up many ugly thoughts...especially in today's society. The Dictionary defines submit as "To yield. resign, or surrender to power, will, or authority. The words Yield, Resign, and Surrender... If you look at the word submit in the context it is used, you will discover that it does not mean to be a doormat to your husband...What Paul was saying in the Bible is that there must be a structure in the home for it to work. By making the husband authority of his wife is the same way as parents have authority over their children.. Christ has authority over the Church, which is to work together as an unified body with Jesus as the head.. Without having someone in authority than it would be impossible for there to be order, structure, or obedience. Another thought is God tells the husband to love his wife as Jesus loves the church - unconditionally... and we are to submit to Jesus and He showers us with blessings and love. So we all have our roles and when we follow them as God has described things just work....
It has been many years that Sandy has been praying for David. Sandy knows that she cannot convert David, but she is planting those seeds. The saying "Actions Speak Louder than words" is the very key, in my opinion to planting seeds. I also believe Sandy is doing exactly what God wants her do. She is that beacon of light in her husband's life, her friends' lives, and her children's lives.
So I say, Sandy, don't be sad...You are loved and God is not unjust - he will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continue to help them. God bless you Sandy, girl....


Anonymous said...

Dear Sandy
May you be ministered to every day in a fresh new way that revives your spirit ,that you may continue on in our Lords works. May God richly poor out a new annointing upon you for the days ahead that you may be inspired with a new creative and deeper awareness of Gods provision in all areas of your life . May you never be without Gods supply to meet your needs and those you minister to.
Blessings of new hope,joy,healing,love ,peace and laughter be yours from this day forth in Jesus name.

Judy said...

Tell your friend to HOPE IN THE LORD.
I have a friend who prayed for more than (20) years I think for her unbaptized husband to have a conversion of soul...many of us, her friends prayed for him as well...
Two years ago...he was baptized and is now my youngest son's godfather!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sandy,
Today I was laughing with a group of young ladies-my fellow students. It felt so good, when I went to return home I realized that although my F.A.S. step-daughter and my bipolar daughter were so heartbreaking and at times dreadfully abusive, God, in his infinate love and mercy has given me many beautiful and kind daughters. One even asked for my advise with a boyfriend-that is what I get for getting my turn at school in my 40's --I get to mother many of the girls. I am so grateful and I see how God has opened a window. Take heart-God often has beautiful ways of transforming our lives and bringing us joy and healing--when we let go of what we wish for and open our arms and hearts to our blessings.
God understands all you are feeling and it does get better,I know, he has set me free from the heartbreak.



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