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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jesus and The Sugar Daddy

It was the summer of 1975... My friends and I would jump on our bikes and go on incredible adventures. We didn't have a worry in the long as we were home before the street lights came on...we were in good shape. Parents didn't worry like we do today.. It seemed safer..It felt safer..
One day my friends and I were riding our bikes on our elementary school blacktop.. It was great because of all the hills and was a favorite riding destination of ours...while we were riding, two adults came up to us..they seemed old at least twenty or twenty one.. They asked if we wanted to learn about Jesus and have fun playing games and things....My friends and I thought it was a great idea... We all found some shade under a large oak tree on the grass area.. We learned some songs and they read stories and we all thought it was a fun break on our summer vacation.. The best thing was the candy they gave us each day at the end of our time together.. I remember they put the candy in a plastic glove that explained how to accept Jesus as our personal savior on each finger.. as a kid, I thought it was neat... The grown ups asked if we would like to get together again and we all thought it would be fun...They asked us to invite other friends and the person who brought the most friends would win a Huge ginormous Sugar Daddy candy. We were all so excited..
The following day we all brought friends and by the end of the week there was probably fifteen kids all together and I won that Sugar Daddy! I don't remember the stories or the songs... and to be honest I don't remember which friends were there but I do know that in that one summer week... I met Jesus through a Sugar Daddy..
I am telling this story for two reasons... One reason is that those grown ups that approached us that hot summer day probably have no idea the impact they made on me. This shows me that we as followers of Christ do make an impact on others when we walk His path...even if we don't know it.. and the second thing is that every time I see a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Babies I think of Jesus Christ who made Himself known to a nine year old in the summer of 1975.


Dave Scriven said...

I came to Christ on a motorcycle trip at the age of 17 when the guy camping next to me in Yellowstone shared his faith with me. He will probably never know the impact he had on my life until heaven. That was nearly 39 years ago! Good post. Thanks.

Mikes said...

God Bless you more!

Crystal Velvet Weddings said...

Thank you God for strangers who share their faith so openly and have an impact on lives!


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