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Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm Gonna Go On A Mission

A few years ago I was talking to a dear friend who just got back from a missions trip to the middle east. I told her I would love to go on a trip after my kids are grown.. Her reply was "Why wait, I've been taking my kids to the mission field since they were babies." That comment kinda struck me funny... the mission field is no place for I thought at the time....not thinking about the unreached children who are living and breathing in that mission field.
I look at my friend, Rox's children.....well not children any longer, and I am amazed by their love for the Lord. Their love for spreading God's word. Her son reaches the unreached through his music.... Her daughter is going on her own missions trips the middle east... I look at this young woman of twenty and think.. I want to be like her when I grow up.. I think what an incredible opportunity for my kids. My kids who I know could touch the lives of other children.. My kids who I am so proud of. I love watching them mature in their faith..especially my twelve year old. She has a servants heart and just wants to make a difference.
In my Sunday night bible study we have been studying Kay Warren's book "Dangerous Surrender. Talk about a person who completely went out of her comfort zone to reach the unreached people groups...Do I want to be so disturbed by the world's unreached people that I would completely change my life??? I don't know...
There may be an opportunity for me to go out into the mission field for a couple of weeks in the near future. My heart tells me yes yes... My husband is saying.. let's talk about this.. I know I will be in the mission field one day whether it's for a week or two o longer... but until then, I walk out my front door and see a vast mission field before me..


Anonymous said...

I am going to Minnesota this summer to help with a bible camp-my mission to peel vegetables.

I am going to love my family today-my mission to wash dishes and literally shovel manure-and laugh about it.

I am going to live in a small town where every one knows me-my mission is to live well under close eximination and so let my light shine that my Father will be praised.

I am going to go write to the unsaved because they are afraid of christians and think we are (among other things) b-o-r-i-n-g!

I am goinng to babble because I figured out how to write to you and you have been an encouragement to me-


Zaida said...

Love your blog Kelly!
You have such a big heart and it seems to be getting bigger with each passing week. Can't wait to go on mission with you!


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