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Friday, December 18, 2009

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

The other day I went to dinner and an ornament exchange at a very dear friend's home. There were seven of us women - women who worship together... pray together... and learn from each other....
After dinner, we all sat down to listen to the The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. I had never heard the story before... and I am so happy I did.... I truly believe everyone should hear it...
I have always known that Christmas was Jesus' birthday.. I have always known that He was the Son of God... but I always envisioned the birth to be much like what we see on TV... A beautiful and well rested Mary gazing at her quiet baby boy... Then immediately after the birth came the three (3) wise men.... Did you know that the Bible does not say how many there were? Did you also know that they did not show up at His birth but a few months.. possible a couple of years afterwards...?
This book The Best Christmas Pageant Ever shows the story of Jesus' birth from a different perspective... This story is about some very rough kids who fell in love with baby Jesus.... The real Jesus... The real Mary... and brought Him the best gift of all.... their hearts and more..
Discover The Best Christmas Pageant Ever this Christmas... Below is a mini movie I found on Youtube - enjoy and may you and yours be Blessed by the Best CHRISTmas present of all - our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Elizabeth Mahlou said...

We do tend to idealize things -- and if one has not lived in that part of the world (let alone 2000 years ago), one forgets that amenities are just that: amenities (things that make life easier). We tend to think that they are everyone. Good reminder that the Bible does not provide all the details that people have later filled in.

Shayla said...

i did not realize all of those facts you shared!!!

and YES we do think of the birth as a huge magical perfect story, but there isn't anything shiny and sparkly about giving birth in a manger!!!

thanks for the reminder :)


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