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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Burning Bush

Last weekend I was at my church's women retreat..... It started off good - well, sort of... not really..... I was sick... boy was I sick.. I tried to talk myself out of being sick but things just kind of got worse.... I ended up going home the last night and missing out on the following morning's activities.. Sunday morning... Sunday afternoon.... and Sunday night - My back was glued to the bed and couch.... I'm still not doing great..... I have a bugger of a cold....

You know when you are not feeling well and you find it difficult to concentrate on things? That is how it was for me most of my weekend.... I enjoyed the women I was with... A great bunch of girls that I am glad to know..... There were a couple of wonderful testimonies..... But the video segments about killed me... or put me to sleep... Until.. I heard the term burning bush... The author of the book Organic God, Margaret Feinburg was talking about when Moses went up the mountain and saw the Burning Bush of God... What would have happened if he just walked by and did not pay attention... If he refused to acknowledge that Burning Bush.... if he refused to acknowledge God...?

Ms. Feinburg took the "Burning Bush" analogy one step further.... How many times in our lives have we had the opportunity to glorify God (burning bush) and not do it? How many times have we spoken with someone who was reaching for help and not acknowledge it? How many times have we been too busy in our own lives to do God's work? How many times have we walked by a burning bush?

I loved that analogy - I found it eye opening..... and very thought provoking.... I know I have been guilty of walking by a few burning bushes because I did not have the time..... What if God did not have the time for me???

We as Christians have to see those burning bushes.... We need to glorify God in any way we can.... We need to make the time...... We need to acknowledge that burning bush....


Casey said...

Wow, that is a good analogy and something I really haven't thought about it. I am sure there have been many many times I have walked right past that burning bush. Wow

I hope you are feeling better, so you had to leave your retreat early. Praying you feel better soon

Steve said...

Good post. Hope your feeling better. I know that I've walked by the burning bush many times, God forgive me. Bless you for this post

RCUBEs said...

Great analogy! I hope and pray that you are feeling better now...God bless you.

Saleslady371 said...

This would be an eye opener for me, too. So sorry you were sick at the retreat, but I admire your determination to follow through and learn.

Praying for Debbie,

Zaida said...

Enjoyed the burning bush segment as well. I too wished we had more time together, but looking forward to our meeting at your place!!!

Anonymous said...

Highly highly recommend John Piper's book "Don't Waste Your Life."

Great post.


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