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Monday, August 24, 2009

Prayer Chain For Multiple Sclerosis

For many years my sister Debbie has been suffering.. She never complains - that is not her style.. She is the person who is more concerned about others.... She is a wife to Kurt for almost 29 years and the mother to two incredibly beautiful and talented daughters, Kristin and Lindsey.. She has done an amazing job and she is a big sister that I can and always will look up too.

I want to say it's been over twenty years that Debbie has been having spells - sometimes she would even pass out.. She has been subjected to almost every evasive test known to man - and never any conclusive results..... Debbie was told that she probably has fibromyalgia and maybe she does... but we all knew that there had to be something more - her symptoms did not add up to just fibromyalgia....

About four years ago - Debbie was out golfing and suddenly she did not remember how she got there - did not remember much - she called her daughter and was taken to the emergency room. At the hospital, one wise doctor decided to give her a MRI of her brain - the MRI showed many white lesions - which made the doctors believe that Debbie probably had Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Having a HMO I believe slows down the process of getting to the right doctors to get the right treatment... Since that day four years ago - Deb has had spinal taps, more MRIs, nerve conduction tests, and so many other painful tests... The doctors believe she does in fact have MS and now diabetes on top of it... But she always has to wait to see the doctor after the tests have been done... sometimes she has to wait months.... and she continues to suffer.. She is taking meds and some work but many don't... She does not want to take the shots - they have been discussed and the doctor believes they will help elevate many of the symptoms..... but the HMO wants more documentation. .. to authorize the shots - I have been told they are very costly....

I have been reading several blogs lately - many of these incredible people are also suffering from this painful and often debilitating disease of MS. God has put it on my heart to pray... Pray for healing.. Pray for peace.... Pray for God's presence to always be known. Please pray with me. Please pray for my sister Debbie - Please pray for the others that are suffering.
Please link up and invite others to pray for a cure.. pray for peace.. pray for understanding.. and pray for awareness. Thank you .


Casey said...

I;m so sorry your sister is going through all this. I can relate and will be praying for her. Sadly it can take forever to get a diagnosis and treatment and then after that a lot of people don't understand and support the person. Luckily your sister has you and I know you will always be there for her one way or another. I will be praying. Thank you for sharing this

Mikes Sumondong said...

I would love to join you in this. May God Bless her and heal her.


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