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Thursday, August 27, 2009

It Opened Right To The Page - Honest

Have you ever had a burden on your heart? You pray about it.... talk about it.... and out of no where - God just puts the answers right there for you to see... He loves to use different avenues to get our attention too... He has answered my questions - through a friend or two or three on FaceBook.. Through a book I picked up to read, a magazine article, a soft voice in your heart, and a phone call from a friend I have not heard from in a while...
Today, my heart is burdened about a punishment I am giving my daughter regarding her sneaky behavior and her disobedience with the TV in her bedroom. For more details you can read my dilemma at I've Become My Mother

A little while ago I picked up a book I have not completely read - haven't touched the book in months - maybe a year... It's called "A Mom after God's Own Heart" by Elizabeth George... I cracked open the book and this is what I read...

Protection from TV - (folks I did not look for this - the book opened to this!) TV can become another violator of our children's mental health and moral purity. So again we go battle. Block questionable channels. Stand strong against the trend of putting a TV in each child's room; have everyone watch TV in the family room. We can also set limits on TV time and programs. Our children should have limited TV so that they learn to spend their time and minds on much more interesting activities.
I will set nothing wicked before my eyes. Psalm 101:3... Be careful little eyes what you see; be careful little ears what you hear...

I have become one of those parents that did not monitor what my kid watched on TV in her room - she does not have access to movie channels but that did not stop her from sneaking "R" rated movies from my DVD collection... My kid has been asking me questions lately about stalkers, sex, and rape... I had no idea why... Now I just found out - her favorite channel is Lifetime TV for Women...... Now I know..... I think we both are learning a lesson here.. me to be more involved and her to stay away from grown up issues at least till she's a grown up....


~ Judy ~ said...

Wow! Don't ya' just LOVE when God allows us those brief, yet so TANGIBLE moments with HIM? I am so happy that He offered you the validation you needed to proceed with courage and conviction Kelly!
I'm sorry for your troubled heart...I know it's hard to see that we are making our children sad or disappointed...but you are doing the right thing.

Jenn@Spejory said...

Hi Kelly! I found you through my friend, Sarah Dawn's blog. I just love your "About" section.

I enjoyed this post and have often felt the same convictions about television. I've blogged about it several times as I have felt convicted in my own life.

And don't you just love the book "A Woman After God's Own Heart?" That book changed my life.



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