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Friday, August 21, 2009

Adam's New Heart

Six months ago my friend Jenni gave birth to a baby boy. A beautiful 8lb 3 oz black haired angel.... What should have been a joyous time turned quickly into a sorrowful one. A few weeks after the Adam came into this world - he started having convulsions and stopped breathing....
The doctors were able to revive Adam - after a million tests they determined that his heart is bad... very bad. The doctors told the new parents that Adam would need a heart transplant.. I don't know the medical terms and I did not ask - I just wanted to be a presence for my friend.... for her husband... for their baby Adam.... Whatever they needed - I wanted to do it....
When Adam was five months old - Jenni and Bryan got the call.... Adam had a heart....and it was going to be at the hospital within a couple of hours. The doctors were already at the hospital and things were already moving along.
Before the surgery - I went to the hospital to pray and be with the family.... be errand girl if needed.... I wanted to be useful.. When I walked in the waiting room - the sight before me was something I will never forget.... and every time I think about it I can not help but get chills..
In the pediatric waiting room in a public hospital was my friend Jenni, Bryan, several family members and friends... They were all in a circle around six doctors dressed in scrubs.. They each had a hand on a doctor or the person in front of them.... Strangers saw this prayer circle and joined not even knowing why - but was called to prayer...... I quickly joined them and laid my hand on the person in front of me and we prayed..

Prayed for God's blessings
Prayed for Adam's new heart
Prayed for Jenni and Bryan
Prayed for the family that lost their baby and gave Adam a chance to live
Prayed for the surgeons
Prayed for peace....

This was an amazing experience for everyone that was involved... Adam made it through the surgery and he is home today.... and his little smile would melt your heart. Please pray for Adam, Jenni, and Bryan.... Please pray for continued good health and good spirits.


RCUBEs said...

And to God be the glory Who is always there when we call! That's an amazing story. Blessings.

Casey said...

WOW, that scene would have made me cry. WE need to see more things like that. What an amazing moment

I hope things are going well for the family, I will pray for them

shelley said...

hello kelly,
what a wonderful post and tribute to your friends jenni, bryan, and sweet adam! may you all be blessed... as a mom of a special needs daughter, i know the power of love and prayer! your friends are lucky to have such a gift as a friend in you!
ps i'm following you now, look forward to reading more of your "story" :)


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