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Monday, July 27, 2009

Never Talk About Religion And Politics

One of the things my mother in -law likes to say is: Never talk about religion and politics because someone is bound to get mad.... A very true statement.. Those are two subjects that people just get real heated about.. I really don't understand why.... okay maybe I But as many of you know, I have very strong opinions about my faith... very strong... and thankfully many of my friends and readers of this blog agree with my beliefs.. I have had a few people comment their opposing views... a few atheists have commented...thinking I was crazy to believe in God...and that's okay and recently a Jehovah's Witness made his beliefs known and again - I welcome the comments. The only thing I ask is to comment respectfully whether our beliefs are on the same page or not. I appreciate the respect I have been given.. thank you.

A while back, I joined a women's group on Face book. It's a group of women who are Conservative Christian Republicans.. I read a few of the descriptions and I liked what I read so I joined to make new friends and connections.... after all, that is what Face book is suppose to be all about, is it not? Right away two very interesting women invited me to be their friends on FB and I accepted.. I have very much enjoyed reading their updates about their faith, family, and their political beliefs.... About a month ago, an older gentleman requested my friendship on FB - I checked and he was "friends" with one of the ladies I have grown to admire... so I thought he must be a nice man.... oh boy was I wrong....

This man (who is the complete opposite of a gentleman) claimed to be a political writer... he claimed to be a conservative Christian man.. a husband... a grandfather to many.... This man posted the most hateful and racist things I have ever seen.... He would post a picture of President Obama in a purple pimp suit and just say the worst kind of comments..... I deleted this man... this father... this grandfather... there is NO WAY I could be friends with him.... What is sad to me is that some people get so caught up in proving others to be wrong... that they themselves turn out to be the wrong ones... the inappropriate ones.... and they have gone too far.

I pray that people can come together with opposing views and respect one another. I pray that in all that we do and say that we bring glory to God... That is what are main objective should be... glorifying God... not tearing down our President... not tearing down others' beliefs...not ripping apart others' faith..... We need to respect and love one another regardless of our opposing or agreeing beliefs.... because if we don't there is no way we can gain peace...


Saleslady371 said...

I agree. It's all about freedom; folks can agree to disagree agreeably and peace results.

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

^ +1

Can't we all just get along?

Sorry, I just couldn't help myself.

But, that's what it's like. It's like a dog eat dog world out there. Every man for himself.

That's not how God intended it to be.

Kelly's Ideas said...

Kimberly - you are so right - I was thinking the same thing after I wrote it! Can't we all just get along? Classic.

JJones said...

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