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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Who Are We To Judge Michael Jackson

Today the world said good bye to Michael Jackson... A father, a son, and a brother... I hate that he is gone.. I hate that some people joke about his life.... thinking it funny to say jokes about little boys.... I don't know if he was guilty of those things.... the legal system declared him innocent - and if he is guilty...he is standing before God now.... It is not for us to judge.

It breaks my heart to hear and read such hateful comments about Michael - especially from people who claim to be followers of Christ... Is it okay to mourn the loss of a "saved" person and then turn around and make judgments and say awful mean spirited things about someone you find to be morally not your equal? We are ALL sinners.. we are all not morally equal to what God wants for us... So how can someone who claims to love Jesus turn around in the same breath and rip apart a person who may not be a Christian... who may have done bad things... That is two faced... the old saying comes to mind... "Hate the sin... Love the sinner" Does God not tell us to Love one another...? Are we practicing love when we say hateful things?

As a parent listening to his young daughter talk about her daddy just makes me cry... He was loved by three young children... his children... their daddy... and joking about his eccentric life - I think it is simply cruel.. We need to go beyond that.. We need to show compassion... We need to lift these three children to God.... we need to pray for their joy.... their sadness... their future. We need to remember that he was loved... and today there are three more orphans in the world...


Harmony Wheeler said...

Great comments. Really made me think. I haven't really mocked Michael Jackson since his death, but I have though badly of him. At the same time I couldn't help thinking about how sad it is that someone so talented probably isn't in heaven... that someone so talented looked for satisfaction in all the wrong places (fame can do that to a person). You're right. We do need to be praying for his family. We can't judge or say for sure what Jackson's fate was (I heard his family is Jehovah's Witness), but I do think that if he is in Hell God is not happy about it. I'm sure God mourns every person He loses to Satan. He loves all sinners and wants all of us to come to Him.

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

I'm with you on this one! Thank You Father for using this blog to share Your truth. In Jesus' name, amen.


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