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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Christians Are Not Perfect

Recently I was in a discussion with someone I care about.. She is not a Christian and is very quick to pass judgement on Christians... saying things like "Most Christians are mean and disrespectful" or "Yeah right, He was born of a Virgin".... and the one that made my own jaw hit the ground was when she said, "Jesus was a guy - he had to have had sex.. who cares if he wasn't married" The weird thing about these comments is that she meant them... believes them....

In our recent conversation - she was in attack mode... We were talking about how she believed that my youngest daughter was disrespectful to her grandmother when she visited for a week a little while back.... She goes on to say.. "Yeah, your daughter won most Jesus like (it was really most Christ like - but any hoo) and she's disrespectful.... that's why I don't trust Christians".... granted my kid is eleven and she was homesick... I don't wear blinders to my kids' faults.. but in my daughter's defense there were many factors... mostly a grandmother who had her list of things to do... and two kids who had no interest to do the things on the list.... For example - taking a tour of a dump site - not on their top ten.... I understand that grandmother wanted to do something interesting and I also understand that she only had their best interests at heart... but grandmother did get a little immature in her comments and actions... no one is perfect.... but we love and we should love well.. Both sides grandparents and children should have shown respect and love..... and forgiveness...

When I was being attacked because of my Christianity and my kids.... - I did not defend myself.. I did not defend my kids... I just listened - because I knew whatever I might say would only hit closed ears.... and a closed heart..... when I hung up the phone - I thought of a good analogy that I want to share with her one day.

This is what I will say, "You know how you are the parent to two young children.. Your two girls are not obedient... they don't listen to you... they throw temper tantrums.. but they love you because you are their mother.. When your girls get older they will become more obedient - you hope, and your relationship will be better... When your girls become adults your relationship can be be wonderful if you were a loving parent who raised your girls with values, love, understanding.... and obedience... This is much like the relationship between a Christian and God.... If we are not obedient to God's word then yes, we can give Christians a bad name... But if a person reads the Bible and follows The Word - you will see what a Christian, a follower of Christ is really like... but because not all Christians are obedient and ALL Christians are human with worldly wants.... we are far from perfect..... You should expect love from a Christian but not be surprised when you don't get it.... just like a child.. one minute your daughter is on your lap giving love and the next minute she's pinching her sister.... we are ALL children of God with our imperfections.. Oh and one more thing...... Anyone can say they are a Christian... many people do..... but they have no idea what being a Christian really is....."

John 15.12 This is my commandment, That you love one another, as I have loved you.


Zaida said...

Well said. Such wisdom!

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

Um... WOW! That's all I can say.


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