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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jesus Take The Wheel

As mothers we tend to take on too much. Not believing that things can be done right or done at all if we don't take over.. As women we are constantly multitasking. As a single mother, I can only imagine how difficult it must be. I am thankful to God that I have not had to find out. I do know many single mothers and many feel so alone and lost... Never having time for themselves. Worrying about their children, worrying about the bills, and worry about everything except themselves..

There is a single mother of a young boy I have met recently.. She has been coming to our church service and I have also seen her occasionally at the women get togethers. I love the fact that my church offers daycare during our women/mother activities - making it possible for many mothers to come and hang out with a bunch of crazy Southern Baptist women as ourselves.. Well this particular mother has opened and broken my heart. She has shared a small part of her life with me. Currently, she is living in a homeless shelter - trying to find a job to support her and her son.. She also is trying to go to school to better her and her son's future.

This young woman was married and had a nice home to live in and all of a sudden it was gone. Her husband left her for someone else... left her with all the bills... all the rent... and no job. She was a stay at home mom... many times she has wanted to give up...

She was sharing with me that a song by Carrie Underwood helped to get her out of her self destroying thoughts and anger.. She realized that she has to let Jesus have control... her optimism for her future is contagious and I just love seeing her joy.... many of us could learn a lesson from this young lady... no home, no job, and no income but she has put her faith and trust in Jesus and she just glows....


Chris said...

i a new visitor at your site! and i like it here... :)

ill definitely be back!

jerriann said...

Awe Kelly, this is such a sad commentary on our society but such a strong testimony to the power of Christ in each one of us. Amen to the little sister in Christ, I know He will provide for her and her child.

Sweet, sweet story, I love the song Jesus take the Wheel. Great post.

christy rose said...

I love that song! What a lesson for all of us to learn no matter our circumstances!

From the Heart said...

A beautiful song. Something we should all do Let Jesus Take the Wheel.

~ Judy ~ said...

Wow Kelly...I've been a little behind on reading posts...and so just got "caught up" here on Amazing Salvation...I was more inspired with each new post I read!
Thank you for always reminding me to "face the ugliness" within myself, and surrender it all to Christ!


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