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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Adoption Is Another Option

I have such a hard time accepting the fact that many people in society believe abortion is okay... I have a harder time accepting the fact that many people believe late term abortions -up to 40 weeks (yes, that's right 40 weeks) is okay. Many say it's for the health of the mother.... come on - people give me a break.. let's be honest... abortion is what it is.... killing an innocent life because it's easier for the mother.... maybe she's a student, a single woman, a career woman who doesn't have the time..... or a mother who already has "too" many kids.... I will concede that some abortions are labeled under "for the health of the mother" because it is believed by the physician and mother - but when you go into late term abortions - these children do have a viable chance at life if they were delivered properly.. and not aborted with the intention of terminating...
Adoption is another option to abortion... it really is.. I am the mother of two adopted children.. They are the loves of my life.... Because two women in this world acted out of selflessness and gave life to my daughters.... I am a mom today. My daughter Nikki is a beautiful and smart thirteen year old and my other daughter Kara is my eleven year old comedian that brings me laughter everyday and has the sweetest smile on this earth... I am a mom because of two women who CHOSE to give birth... who CHOSE to promote life... who CHOSE to be uncomfortable for 40 weeks out of their long lives.... thank you Cindy and Janelle... God bless you two for making me a mom...
I do not believe in violence of any kind.... I believe God is the Ultimate Judge and Jury. My heart is sad for the family of Dr. George Tiller.... no one deserves to be murdered... No matter how awful their "day job" is....when I read that he was murdered in the middle of a church service that gave me thoughts to ponder..... Here is a man who advertised the fact he gave late term abortions... he has been the target of many radical anti abortionists.. and in 1993 he was shot in both of his arms.. but he continued to perform these heinous procedures.. Why? What drove him to continue? How could someone perform an abortion on Saturday and be an usher in church on Sunday? There is definitely food for thought on this one.
I don't know where in the Bible but I do remember reading that one of the signs of the end of times was the lack of concern for human life... not caring about others... abortion especially late term abortion fits this to a tee in my opinion... this is just so sad to me..
I am not a fan of Bill O'Reilly - I have never really watched him and the clips I have seen of him yelling tend to turn me off but I recently saw this clip of him and Ann Coulter who is so outrageous in her way of getting her point across that she is extremely offensive. But her beliefs are conservative as my own... she's just in your face and not so forgiving for those that oppose her (she needs to show mercy - but that's just me).... that being said - I did find this video clip below interesting.. Bill and Ann are definitely outrageous but when you go past the wise crack unforgiving remarks... they make sense... What do you think?


christy rose said...

Kelly, I know so many people who like you would love to adopt a baby. The option of adoption is a selfless one that brings happiness to so many.
This was a great post.

~ Judy ~ said...

Mercy upon Dr. Tiller...Mercy upon his murderer...Mercy upon any and all who EVER support taking the life of an unborn child.

Blessings upon YOU and Dusty for being open to life, even if that life came from another womb...Blessings upon those courageous women (and men) who chose to HONOR THE SACREDNESS OF LIFE and bring it forth to place in the hands of a loving mother and father....and blessings upon any and all who speak up and act in faith to let the world know that EACH AND EVERY LIFE IS SACRED.

Thanks always offer such great reflections.

But where have you been lately?
I miss ya'...hope all is well.

Warren Baldwin said...

I watched the video and I agree with you that Ann is in-your-face. I agree with her sentiment, but I too would be a bit tamer in presenting it. But she is so right that the pro-lifers are so peaceful. Except for a few radicals, we honor the lives even of the abortionists! Yet the liberals cry out in anger when a pro-lifer does to an abortionist doctor what he has done to hundreds or even thousands of babies. Doesn't make sense, does it?

In the Old Testament the Jews offered child sacrifices to the idol, pagan god Molech. In modern times, we offer our children as sacrifices to the pagan god convenience. God have mercy on us!

Good post.


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