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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Qualifcations for Ministry

I have recently been asked if I would be interested in being a part of my church's Women' s Ministry Core Group... This is something that I have been praying about... thinking about... I believe it to be a very big commitment... of heart, time, faith, energy, and love... I think of the women I look up to in the ministry and think I am so not on their level of spirituality... So I have been investigating on the Internet what are the qualifications of ministry... am I qualified or am I too young/immature in my walk? This is a very small "Cliff note" version of what I found...

Personal Qualifications for Ministry
  • Person should show their lives to have a strong commitment to Christ
  • Engage in regular Bible study and prayer
  • Humbly acknowledge their own shortcomings, failures, and struggles
  • Express their assurance in God's grace in the face of failures and God's strength in the face of struggles
  • Should be self- controlled who leads a disciplined life
  • Are faithful in carrying out the ministry conferred upon them by the church
  • Finish what they start
  • Are punctual in keeping appointments
  • Keeps promises
  • Engage in personal devotions regularly and participate in faithfully in corporate worship
  • Listen and take seriously the viewpoints of others
  • Accept group decisions and work to implement them
  • Seek opportunities for Christian service
  • Loving towards others
  • Speak kindly and generously
  • Concentrate on remembering names and facts about people they meet
  • Are hospitable in their homes
  • Show the same love, kindness, and attention to their families as they towards others
  • Always be honest
  • Leadership qualities
  • Wisdom
  • Emotional Health
  • Accept their own limitations without negating their own self-worth
  • Can laugh with those who laugh and cry with those who cry.
So I am reading this list and thinking I can't remember the names of my own kids so how will I remember other people's names... am I emotionally healthy.....I'm working on it.. Does that count? So God just gives you a nudge sometimes.. sometimes they are so obvious that you just think WOW.. I complied this list a while ago.... thinking about it.... not really praying about the list because I had already decided that there is no way I could have all those qualities....then I get a note regarding the ministry and the Post script said this...p.s. If you sincerely don't feel God is leading you, that's okay. But let it be just that. No one is ever qualified.

Think God is yelling loud enough? I'm thinking just maybe so....


Zaida said...


I still feel at times that I'm not qualified to be part of that team.
But just this past year I have grown in my walk with the Lord, just by serving and by being with the other ladies that help spur me be a better Christ-follower.
You have so much to share and have insight to things that the rest of us might not even pick up.
You are a wonderful woman of God and just forget about so called qualifications...He will equip you.
Love you and I'll be praying for you.

Leslie said...

Hey, I just love your blog template ;)-- seems like we are on the same wavelength!

From the Heart said...

Sounds like it to me. In John 2:5 when Jesus turned the water into wine, Mary the mother of Jesus, told the servants, "Whatever He says to you, do it." I will be praying for you.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that God choose Moses, a guy with a speach impediment, a hooker,a tax collector, smelly-stinky (probably foul mouthed) fishermen, a christian killer, the least of many brothers,a doubter, an umarried teenage girl and many other ordinary people to do his will. I think the condition of their heart was His big focus.
It sounds like you have searched your heart, many blessings!

Mikes said...

At first I thought, this is just all about who’s qualified or not. It’s a very wonderful point when you said no one indeed is qualified because that’s true. God looks at the heart and the servant is what he chooses. Talents? Skills? Status? They maybe important but the heart weighs more because it’s God who will work through you and anoint you for you to be effective in his vineyard.

Your Daily Word

Tea With Tiffany said...

Thankful for your heart for ministry. I have one too.

God used ordinary people to do great things.

Dave Scriven said...

When we feel qualified, then perhaps we are not! Good post.


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