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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dinner Time Prayer

My husband Dusty was raised Lutheran and at meal time the prayer was always the following "God is Good.. God is Great.. Let us thank Him for our food.. amen... It's funny because now that my girls go to a Christian school our dinner prayers sound something like this:
Nikki - "Dear Lord, thank you for this day.. thank you for all that you have given "me".. please help "me" and Kara not to fight so much...and help "me" to get a good grade on my math test tomorrow...oh, and please bless this food that we are about to receive.. in Jesus name amen..."

Kara - "Lord, "I" just want to thank you for today..and thank you for the blue skies.. Please help "me" and Nikki to not fight.. and that Mom does well on her loan processing and Dad on being the boss and help "me" to keep getting good grades.. and bless this food we are about to receive and I hope it's good..amen."

Me - "Father thank you for this beautiful day and please bless this food.. In Jesus Name we pray... amen..."

Dusty -"God is good.. God is great.. Let us thank Him for our food.. Amen"

What cracks me up is that my kids try to fit all their prayer time at meal time... the other night, Nikki's prayer must have lasted about three minutes and she forgot to bless the food... This led us into the discussion on the difference between "family prayer and blessing food" to "our alone time in prayer"... I gotta love it though.... especially the "help me and Nikki/Kara to not fight"... This statement has been a part of their prayers at dinner for over two years... and before the end of dinner one of them would have already said a wise crack statement to the other...

"Lord save me from preteen/teenage girls...."


SAHMinIL said...

Well even though it's not perfect at least you are praying AS a family. I personally believe that's good and is what helps keeps the family together.

We struggle with family prayer time, but our meal prayer is simple, good, even my 18 month old nephew can say a few of the words:

"Come Lord Jesus be our guest and let these gifts to us be blessed Amen"

Kelly's Ideas said...

SAHMinIL - I could not agree with you more! A family that prayers together stays together....

Mikes said...

LOL! This is something I can so relate to. there are times that I only pray during food time *sigh*. God deserves more than that!

God deserves our TIME alone with HIM and just HIM!

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