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Thursday, April 2, 2009

God My Imaginary Friend?

One of my favorite things to do is read other people's blogs. I have been intrigued, inspired, saddened, and confused by so many interesting people. Yesterday, I was looking for new blogs in one of my favorite blog sites Technorati. I usually look at a few of the top 100 blogs and then I go to my areas of interest, family, food, and faith. While I was in the faith area, I ran across yet another atheism site. I find that so confusing to have an atheist site under faith...unfortunately atheist do not have faith at least in God..I wish they did. Anyways, the site I read was titled "11 Myths and Truths about Atheism" and this is a portion of what it said.
1. Atheists are 100% convinced that there no God - the author said he is open to evidence to show otherwise.
2. Atheist are immoral: without religion, there's no basis for morality- author states they are not immoral, which I agree with to a degree. Can't lump all of them together just like we can't lump all Christians together. Even though the author called Christians trolls - which I found got to laugh...
3. Atheists are angry and unhappy - The author assures us he is very happy.
4. Atheists are disrespectful, intolerant , and mean - again we can't lump them all together but this author admits to no tolerance for other's beliefs. He liken Christianity to an "imaginary friend"
5. Atheists are whiny - this answer cracks me up. The author said that the Christian trolls whine to him about their childish beliefs and when he responds they call him whiny... when this author finally does find Christ...he's going to be great on bringing people to the Lord...
6. Atheists are just trendy - I think the author enjoys going against the "norm". You know those guys that just want to start an argument...
7. Atheists are just angry with God- the author assures us they aren't angry with God...he doesn't exist...
8. Atheists criticize the ugliest and most simplistic outdated versions of religion and ignore serious modern theology - the author again states that Christians worship an imaginary friend and it is impossible to worship an ethereal entity. There has to be a concrete person even if it's a Palestinian Jewish "savior" with a beard and blue eyes... I sensed major hostility on this one....
9. Atheists are responsible for the worst crimes in history - The author and I agree that is silly.
10. Atheists think science belongs to them - I don't think anyone believes that but I will say that Christians and atheists interpret science differently.
11. Atheists think they're superior-the author changed superior to arrogant...but denies both.. Reading his blog, I have to completely disagree with him - even if I was not a believer of Christ, I would find this article very arrogant....just calling Christians trolls who play with imaginary friends says it all...

Silly me, I felt compelled to say something to this writer. Even though my faith is strong and my heart is strong sometimes/many times the words I want to say don't come out the way I mean....The last thing I want to do is wear my Christian chip on my shoulder and attack someone who doesn't believe...that would never represent God's unconditional love nor would it make Christians look respectable and worthy to be heard... This is the comment I left

When I became a Christian I had a hard time understanding faith. Faith that God just exists.. I believe in history. I believe in facts. I thought Lee Storbel's books explained a lot. "The following is an answer he gave to why he went from being an atheist to a Christian
For nearly two years, I investigated science, philosophy, and history. I read literature (both pro and con), quizzed experts, and studied archaeology. On November 8th, 1981, alone in my room, I took a yellow legal pad and began summarizing the evidence I had encountered. In light of the scientific evidence that points toward a Creator and the historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus, I came to the conclusion that it would have required more faith for me to maintain my atheism than to become a Christian. Essentially, I realized that to stay an atheist, I would have to believe that nothing produces everything; non-life produces life; randomness produces fine-tuning; chaos produces information; unconsciousness produces consciousness; and non-reason produces reason. Those leaps of faith were simply too big for me to take, especially in light of the affirmative case for God’s existence and Jesus’ resurrection (and, hence, his divinity). In other words, in my assessment the Christian worldview accounted for the totality of the evidence much better than the atheistic worldview.
From your post, I can see you are not criticizing others' faith - you just don't agree. There is historical factual documentation that proves the existence of Jesus..I'm sure you can find it. no need to write a book here :) but as CS Lewis states. Either Jesus was a liar, A crazy person, or he is who he says he is...The Son of God. I have no disillusion of converting you...I'm not that naive...or that smart. I do hope you would consider other ideas...Let's say if there was not a God and you believed in him and died..okay you're let's say there IS a God and you don't believe in'll have an eternity of regret..What do you have to lose? This post was written with all due respect and no judgment. I wish you only the best.

I left this comment so proud of myself for having the courage ... I want to be the person God has called me to be. I feel led to bring out his word... Of course this author has probably heard a million comments such as mine... From the comment he sent me, I can only conclude that he spends far too much time mocking faith rather than the research he claims to do... I believe that if someone really and truly went looking for the truth about Jesus Christ being our Lord and Savior he would find it. I believe they would have no other choice to believe in God whether they wanted to or not... Here is the comment he left to me.

I have also investigated, and continue to investigate, the claims of religions. And I have come to the exact opposite conclusion. Those "leaps of faith" that you say are insurmountable, are in fact small compared to the even greater leaps of faith needed to affirm Christian doctrines. The naturalistic worldview explains reality better than ancient myths and medieval philosophy.
C.S. Lewis is a good popularize of common Christian apologetics, but his arguments are not very good. The one you posited is called the lord-liar-lunatic-trilemma, which is fallacious and weak. And I see you also use Pascal's wager, and even less convincing argument. Sorry, but if those are the arguments that convinced you of Christianity, then I must say that your investigation is shallow.

Of course, I was very discouraged by the "shallow" remark and wanted to make sure he knew I was not such a person but came to my faith by much more than here is my final comment.

Thank you for your comment. I think to explain the complete reason I am a Christian would take much more than a "comment". As I mentioned before I have no illusions of changing any one's mind..I'm not that smart..But I do feel peace and I do feel loved. My reasons in my opinion are very deep and would take much longer to explain than a comment on a post. I wish you best of luck in your investigation.

Kind of funny I have no clue who Pascal is or what his wager is.....but I can say this....when this current atheist author comes to Christ, what a leader he will be to glorify God and His Kingdom...


Terry said...

simply Amen .

vuluganck said...

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Anonymous said...

I respect your faith and opinions, though I disagree with some. What really troubles me is that you claim that atheists will come to Christ:

"when this current atheist author comes to Christ, what a leader he will be to glorify God and His Kingdom"

This statement makes you appear arrogant, as if you believe atheists are immature or naive and the time will come when they all believe in a god. Another problem is that you assume the atheist will come to your god, as if your religion is superior to all others. This statement would not only be taken as an insult to atheists but also to people of all other religions.

My other problem is this statement:
"Let's say if there was not a God and you believed in him and died..okay you're let's say there IS a God and you don't believe in'll have an eternity of regret..What do you have to lose?"

This statement makes it seem as though you believe everyone should believe in a god, just to be on the safe side. What do I have to lose? My self-respect and my freedom to choose. A belief should not be forced upon anyone, and I will not force myself to believe something just in case. On some level, it is like saying you should not leave your home today because you may be killed by a drunk driver.


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