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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Boy, Was I Naive

Over this weekend I have received several emails regarding my comments on the 11 Myths and Truths of Atheism... I believed in my naivety that the author of the blog would in a mature way explain why he believes what he does.Silly me..I should have read the author's other postings on his blog. His blog was not to open a forum of discussion but to dismiss, criticize, mock, and basically put down anything in regards to God. It baffles me how people can hate a God that represents Love and Forgiveness.
The author pretends to be educated and knowledgeable about God not existing. Instead of explaining his beliefs - he decided to break down and attack every comment I made..not only that he took all my comments out of that he could twist what I said.
This was the first time, I had ever commented on any blog such as this one. I found it by accident. During a blog search on Technorati under faith and family. I find that very ironic due to the fact that this blog was so far removed from faith and family as you can get.
Not only was I attacked by the author..I was attacked my his followers. It's funny because I never once said anything to be construed as an attack, evangelize, or judgement... One comment I had made was about the recent death of my father. My dad was not a religious man by any definition but on his death bed he did make peace with God and he said that he saw his mom and dad who passed many years before him. My dad even said he saw Jesus and kept lifting up his hand..That experience to me gave me further proof (if I needed it) that God is there...Jesus is there... The response I received back was "Your father's death sounds like a plot from the Ghost Whisperer."
I am so dumbfounded that I just can not find the words to write back..I think the only thing I can pray..pray for their peace and clarity. Pray that they find Christ someday...
I never sought out to convert anyone...I know that I can not do that..only God can...I just guess that I was naive to think I could talk respectfully with these people...The reason I even made a comment was to learn...One day I want to go out into the mission field and I want to be armored with knowledge and God's grace..


Anonymous said...

It is a hard experience-do not be dismayed because the world hates you--sounding familiar-? it is a loosing battle to go there-the only thing you could do is try to attract them-you will have trouble doing battle with them--
I hope this is a helpful comment-I can hear your hurt. Go find the beautiful stuff you are so good at and let it shine-shine-shine-any one seeking light will be attracted like a moth-and those who dewll in darkness-well as you said it is their free will. I think you know it is me--and BTW have a blessed Easter!

Kelly's Ideas said...

Thank you so very much for your helpful meant a lot. I did feel kind of beat up.. I am learning and just getting closer to Him...God bless you and have an awesome Easter...He has Risen!!!!

Zaida said...

Spiritual Warfare sista!
You are well on your way to becoming a stronger spiritual woman. When that day comes when you're on that field you will be so ready to face the enemy.

Judy said...

Blessed are they who are persecuted for My Name's Sake...for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs!

I too, pray that those people who attack you...FIND TRUTH


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