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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Soften That Hardened Heart.....

The only way to get to Heaven is through Jesus Christ.. The only way to get to Jesus Christ is to admit we are sinners, ask for forgiveness, and ask Him into our heart... It's free!!! It can not be earned.. The price has already been paid through His blood on the cross...
What really frustrates me is that society can dance around these straight and simple facts... Society implies if you are a good person then you'll go to Heaven... I'm thinking that there are a lot of "good" people in Hell right now... for the simple reason that they did not accept Christ..
Good works does not pave your way to Heaven.... following the ten commandments does not get you to Heaven... Many people in society are tricked into believing that only the bad evil people go to Hell.... that is so not true... I get fearful for many loved ones I know.. who are great people in my opinion...But refuse to see the truth.. refuse to listen to the truth.... are convinced that their way of living is okay... Many people say they "believe in God or a higher power" but do they really? Do they really know God? Jesus?
When I first became a follower of Christ - I was on fire... I wanted everyone to have what I had... I had a hard time believing that people were not ready to jump on board to Jesus... and while I mature in my walk - I have learned that many hearts are hardened..
In a society where having children outside of marriage is perfectly acceptable and if you are against gay marriage then you are a hater, and worshiping money is the normal way of life...I can see why many hearts are hardened.

Excerpt from "The Loving Heart
The hardened heart is a stubborn attitude that leads a person to reject God's will. It is an act of defiance, but seldom one of ignorance. We know the message, but we reject part or all of it. We may, for instance, believe that God's laws are primarily designed to promote a harsh, sanctimonious view of others. This is what many New Ager's think -- that traditional Christians are too judgmental. So they pick the part of God's message they like -- love, for instance -- and apply that as the essence of the law, while rejecting the rest of it. They are dead wrong, of course. Forbearance and humbleness is the way of Christ, not self-righteousness. But their hardened hearts will not accept this truth. They believe what their hardened hearts want to believe.
When God's ethical standards seem too high, people can suffer hardened hearts. When He allows personal tragedy to strike, hearts may harden against Him. When He leads us on paths where we do not want to go, that may harden hearts. Total submission to His will softens hearts, and God's people must always have a soft heart toward their Creator. A soft heart is also an open heart, open to His will and open to His plan for our lives.

Today and everyday I pray - for people to soften their hearts... Get up close and personal to their Savior... He loves us so much and wants us to open our hearts to Him....


christy rose said...

Amen Kelly! The ONLY way to get to Heaven is Jesus Christ!
Great Post!

Manny A. Rosario said...

I've noticed that you labeled this post under "Open the eyes of my heart lord".I guess we share the same conviction that ultimately, it is the Lord who softens hardened hearts:

The Lord opened her heart to respond to Paul's message (Acts 16:14) NIV

Let us keep on proclaiming the truth. Let us the give up sharing the true gospel. The regeneration of hearts is by God's sovereignty.

Cynthia said...

Have you ever read the book "The Great Divorce" by C.S. Lewis? It is not about marriage breakups at all but about the journey to hell. It is a beautifully written allegorical story of a man who finds himself in the grey world between heaven and hell and to his utter amazement there are people who actually choose hell! If you haven't read it you's a classic!

Warren Baldwin said...

Embarrassment and fear keep us from confessing sin, but it is only in confession that we are free of them, because of Jesus. And no law can save. The law provides parameters for behavior and shows us where we have failed, but no law can extend what we need - mercy. Good post.


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